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How Content Marketing is a Driver of New Business

Content marketing is a vital element in any successful digital marketing mix. It helps you build relationships with your audience by building trust, elevates brand awareness, enables you to cultivate a reputation as a trusted resource, and addresses consumer pain points. It brings potential new customers to you, so you can convert them to clients. Your content marketing creates interest by providing value.

What Is It? 

Content marketing can be a variety of assets, like blogs and articles, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, videos, email newsletters, social media posts, podcasts, press releases, landing pages, apps, and more. Generally, it lives on your website but can be linked to other places, like social media. It’s relatively inexpensive to create and offers so much in return. You want it to engage your target audience, either by clicking on links or signing up for emails or promotions. It helps to increase lead generation, convert sales, and expand the reach of your brand.


Why Is It Important?

So, what is content marketing and why is it so essential? Research shows that it generates more than three times as many leads as traditional advertising, and costs 62% less. Also, after reading or viewing relevant content, 60% of consumers are inspired to check out products or services.

Companies that update their content regularly attract 55% more visitors to their websites. 


Why You Need It

It offers a multitude of benefits. It helps to capture audiences organically, allows you to nurture prospects with social or email campaigns, costs 62% less than traditional marketing practices, and generates three times as many leads. It also creates a connection between you and your customers, allowing you to build trust by offering reliable information, solve customer pain points, and share industry news and practices. And it gives you insights and information. 

You can determine what consumers are interested in with content marketing. You can define trends, identify issues, and provide solutions by analyzing what content they engage with.


How to Get Started and Utilize Content Marketing Effectively

Assets could include guides, product updates or new features, case studies, blogs, videos and so much more. Talk about your products and services, not in a sales-y way but in a way that shows how they solve problems. Using your unique brand voice and tone, you can create successful content that ultimately drives new business and increases revenues.


Work with Agent Knox CTA

Are you pressed for time and resources? Maybe you feel like writing a blog isn’t something you could easily do or that creating a video isn’t in your wheelhouse. That’s why you need Agent Knox. We craft compelling content marketing in a variety of formats, so you can focus on your business, and we can help attract new clients. Talk to one of our digital marketing experts today to get started.